Around 52 km away from Palakkad, lies the most beautiful place in Kerala, 'Nelliyampathy', embedded in the lush green environment, misty hills and mesmerizing nature. A nature's paradise 'Nelliyampathy' is the best place for you to make your trip the most memorable and the most enjoyable. Every person visiting Kerala can't miss to be here at Nelliyampathy, enjoying the blessed beauty of the nature and getting rejuvenated and relaxed.

The green cover, mountains filled with mists, enchanting waterfalls, rich flora and fauna, tea and coffee plantations – everything is special here at Nelliyampathy. The hill ranges can be seen at a height around 467 m to 1572 m. This is the place which is blessed with rich flora and fauna. You can find here different species of birds and butterflies. Some of the rare bird species are Grey-breasted Laughing Thrush, Great Pied Hornbill, Jerdon's Baza, Great Black Woodpecker, Oriental Broad-billed Roller, Nilgiri Flycatcher etc. Nilgiri Tahr also can be seen here.

There is an interesting history behind Nelliyampathy. The vast forest cover of this beautiful destination was once leased out to the British by the Kollengode Raja. Before the arrival of the planters these lands were occupied by the tribes here. The leasehold right over the land were later sold out to Amalgamated Tea Estate Company Ltd and then at last to Poabs group. Now 95 per cent of the Nelliyampathy hills are with Poabs India Company and the rest with the Kerala Forest Department.

Fully blessed with the natural beauty, a journey to Nelliyampathy itself is a unique experience. On the way to Nelliyampathy, you will be able to come across the Pothundi Dam. This dam, which is located in the foothills of the Nelliyampathy hills, provides water for the rice fields around. From here you can move on to the government forest. Here you can enjoy the beautiful sight of the massive teaks.

The best time to visit Nelliyampathy is from September to May. The nearest railway station is Palakkad and the nearest airport is Coimbatore (55 km from Palakkad).

Places of Interest

Pothundi Dam

Pothundi Dam is considered to be the entrance gate to Nelliyampathy. It is an irrigation dam built in the 19th century. The dam is constructed over Meenchadyppuzha and Padippuzha – the tributaries of River Ayalar. This is a place with serene ambiance and tranquility, which gives you a very rejuvenating experience. You will be able to forget all your tensions and able to indulge with the calmness of the nature. You can try for boating here to feel the real beauty of the reservoir. Padagiri

One of the best places to visit while at Nelliyampathy. It is the highest peak here, filled with mesmerizing beauty, which lies only 6 km away from Nelliyampathy. The 1500 metres high peak attracts tourist from every corner of the world. You can also see here teak forests. Padagiri is also known as Nellikotta. This is a wonderful picnic destination.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

The Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary is located amidst Nelliyampathy hills in Kerala and Anamalai hills in Tamil Nadu. The 285 square kilometer wildlife cover was established in the year 1973. located around 101 km away from Nelliyampathy, this place is a perfect spot for those who want to hide away from the busy city life and enjoy the real nature.

The sanctuary is rich with around 39 species of mammals, 16 species of amphibians, 268 species of birds etc. You can also find here reptiles like king cobra, Kerala sheildtail, Travancore kukri snake, Cochin cane turtle etc. Diverting your vehicle to this green cover will never disappoint you as this is a place, which lies close to the heart of nature, depicting all the wildness of the nature.

Palagapandi Estate

Palagapandi Estate is a place where you can find an old bungalow of the British. This estate has been converted into a private owned resort. Just look around, you will find the beautiful plantations of tea, coffee and cardamom, spread around. Visitors from every nook and corner comes here to enjoy the beauty of this fantastic destination. From here, you can also move on to Mampara, another destination at Nelliyampathy.


Just 8 km away from Nelliyampathy, you can find a breathtaking spot, Seetharkundu. This place lays very close to Palagapandi estate. The place is historically important as it is believed that Rama, Seetha and Lakshmana had visited this place during their period of exile. It is said that Seetha Devi had a bath from the nearby stream and the place thus got the name 'Seetharkundu'. The 30m high Seetharkundu waterfall is one of the major attractions of this place.


If you are a person interested in trekking and camping, Kaikatty is the best place for you to explore the adventurer in you. The forest department is running a guest house here. You can also see the government run orange and vegetable farm at Kaikatty. December is the best season for oranges here.


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